My Mold Detective MMD103A 3 Room Mold Allergen Test Kit

My Mold Detective MMD103A 3 Room Mold Allergen Test Kit
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Its never been easier to take control of your indoor air quality with My Mold Detectives mold test kit. This expert-developed DIY system includes everything you need to take a closer look into the air you breathe and delivers professional results. Our trusted lab report is fully color-coded revealing what types of mold are found in your property as well as whether or not the mold concentration levels are Normal, Slightly Elevated or Elevated. Test for mold, dust, and allergens simply by taking a five-minute outdoor sample and from each room indoors. Then, register your samples online and mail to our partnered AIHA-Accredited laboratory for analysis. Trust My Mold Detective to find answers to musty odors, allergic reactions and unexplained illnesses.

  • Lab fees not included In order to analyze samples, a lab fee is required per sample due at the time of online registration
  • Air sampling pump is reusable Monitor your indoor air quality every season or when you see or smell mold
  • Mold is a living organism natural to our environment and finding mold indoors is normal
  • My Mold Detective determines whether mold concentration levels found in your samples are Normal, Slightly Elevated or Elevated
  • Lab report details the contents of your samples including the types of mold found, concentration levels and includes next steps
  • Need results fast Expedite sample lab analysis and receive lab report in as little as 48 ho