Bio Plas 4318 .5 ml Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube - 500 pk - Blue

Bio Plas 4318 .5 ml Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube - 500 pk - Blue
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  • Color: - Blue
This microcentrifuge tube features a flat top cap which provides a positive and secure seal when closed, thus providing maximum protection for contents.Fabricated with virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistant qualities and good clarity.

The tube has high impact strength and will withstand 17000RPM and 13000 x g centrifugation. Thicker walls make this the tube of choice for extreme stress, high spinning speeds, autoclaving, boiling, chemical resistance, and freezing.

This microcentrifuge tube has a textured writing surface on top of the cap and on the side of the tube. It is graduated from 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5mL. The interior has the smoothest, most highly polished surface of any tube on the market. The walls are non-wettable, preventing contents from adhering to the side walls. Needle access is fast and easy through the target in the exact center of the lid.