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WowWee 8065 RoboReptile Remote Control Robot

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Wowwee`s Roboreptile is an often startling robotic toy that once you get the hang of its wonky controls is actually pretty fun. Like other Wowwee robots there`s a preprogrammed animation that goes off when it is first powered up. It`s impressive: growling snapping jaws and a whipping tail. In short Roboreptile looks like something out of the future and moves like something out of the past. The ultimate herpetological species. Don`t be fooled by this beast`s size - he is fast ferocious cunning and intelligent. A sly and ruthless creature Roboreptile uses advanced technology for greater intelligence. He can be programmed with movements and animations and is packed with personality. Roboreptile`s powerful infrared vision and sonic sensors swiftly alert him to disturbances in his environment. In Guard Mode they make him a formidable sentry. In Free Roam his sharp sensory systems make him a ruthless predator. Roboreptile can be extremely hostile or harmless alert or asleep. He has four moods aggressive ferocious passive or tamed. Can be controlled directly programmed or put into Free Roam Demo Mode Guard Mode or Sleep Mode.

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